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  • 29.04.2016 IPOPEMA's double-win at the EMEA Finance Europe Banking Awards 2015

    IPOPEMA Securities was awarded the titles of "Best Investment Bank in Poland" and "Best Broker in Poland" at the EMEA Finance's Europe Banking Awards 2015. EMEA Finance recognised IPOPEMA's remarkable performance in 2015, during which IPOPEMA lead the market as bookrunner in four IPOs and as an intermediary in five tender offers. EMEA Finance is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on capital and financial markets.

  • 23.04.2016 IPOPEMA Securities is a partner of Akademia Giełdowa 2016

    This year's edition of Akademia Giełdowa (Stock Exchange Academy) organised by the student's research group Klub Inwestora of the Warsaw School of Economics took place between 18 and 29 April. IPOPEMA Securities was one of the partners of the Academy. Our experts held a lecture on company valuation methods, as well as two working sessions during which the students were able to experience the theory applied in practice.

  • 18.04.2016 Initial Public Offering of X-Trade Brokers DM S.A.

    IPOPEMA Securities is Joint-Bookrunner and Underwritier in the Ininital Public Offering of X-Trade Brokers DM S.A. Detailed information is avaialble here.

  • 23.10.2014 IPOPEMA Securities partners the Warsaw Capital Market Summit

    Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2014 is an international conference dedicated to capital markets in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. This year, the fourth edition will be held on October 23–24 in Warsaw.

    The conference brings together investors, issuers, financial institutions, public administration representatives and economic journalists from around the world.

    This year, Warsaw Capital Market Summit will focus on the major developments and challenges facing capital markets in the coming years. The two-day conference is an opportunity for key representatives of world's leading financial institutions and public administration to gain valuable insight, share knowledge and also seek the best solutions for sustainable economic growth within the CEE.

  • 09.10.2014 For a second time, IPOPEMA Securities becomes an expert partner of the Warsaw School of Economics in its postgraduate programme

    IPOPEMA Securities S.A. will continue to partner with the Warsaw School of Economics in its postgraduate programme. This year, the Company has again been granted the title of Expert Partner in the “Preparation and Management of Public-Private Partnership Projects”, the longest running programme of this type in Poland. One of the lecturers will be Jarosław Błaszczak, Managing Director at the Capital Markets Department of IPOPEMA Securities.

    The programme is dedicated to representatives of the public sector (central and local government authorities), private sector (representatives of businesses interested in the subject), and to all those who want to learn about the modern tools of managing public projects under the public-private partnership model. The classes, mostly in the form of workshops, will be run by practitioners – financial analysts, lawyers and financiers.
    As the history of PPP in Poland is not very long, there is still little knowledge of the method, and hence much suspicion about it, which can be overcome, though, during the course, by learning from the best experts in Poland, who have experience in successfully implementing PPP projects (e.g. the refurbishment of the railway station in Sopot, the construction of a waste incineration plant, thermal insulation projects, etc.). The projects which have been implemented as part of the course include the construction of a marina, a columbarium, nursery schools, underground car parks, hospitals and safe walkways along expressways. Those who have completed the programme are constantly working on new Polish PPP projects.

  • 25.09.2014 IPOPEMA is the best brokerage house in Poland

    The latest  issue of „Forbes” carries the newest ranking of brokerage houses, prepared on the basis of assessments given by  institutional investors. It is my great pleasure to inform you that IPOPEMA scored  great success once more – we won the first place in the team ranking, winning also in the categories: „professionalism”, „confidence with BH”, „top quality of services in the over the counter market” and „quality of services on foreign markets”. Highly appreciated were also our technological solutions, the range of offered services (second place on the market) as well as quality on the primary market and individual approach to the client (third place).

    We were also greatly successful  in the individual ranking regarding the best sales-traders in Poland. Arek Łabuńko placed first and Marcin Stosio came second best. The top twenty included  two other brokers from IPOPEMA: Łukasz Surowiec and Arnold Teterycz.

    IPOPEMA’s brokerage services are top ranked by Forbes since 2007. In last years, the company was ranked 2 nd or 1st. The continuity and advancing progress show the real potential of our company. Moreover, IPOPEMA is the first independent broker on the podium.

  • 01.09.2014 IPOPEMA was ranked third in terms of share trading on the WSE

    With 8,33% share, IPOPEMA was ranked third in terms of share trading on the WSE in August 2014.

  • 21.08.2014 IPOPEMA Securities Group reports 2014 half-year profit of PLN 5m

    The IPOPEMA Securities Group has published its 2014 half-year financial results, reporting consolidated revenue of PLN 53.8m, an improvement on the 2013 half-year revenue of PLN 51.6m. The Group's net profit was PLN 5m (up from PLN 4.4m last year). On a separate basis, IPOPEMA Securities posted PLN 26.7m in revenue, with a net profit of PLN 5.5m against PLN 4.7m reported in the corresponding period of 2013.

  • 04.08.2014 IPOPEMA was ranked third in terms of shares trading on the WSE

    IPOPEMA Securities was ranked third in terms of shares trading on the WSE in July.

  • 21.07.2014 IPOPEMA Securities partners with Auerbach Grayson

    Auerbach Grayson & Company, LLC, a New York-based brokerage firm specializing in global trade execution and exclusive in-depth research for U.S. institutional investors, announced today that it is partnering with IPOPEMA Securities, one of the most active brokerages in Poland, to provide U.S. investors with greater access to Poland’s capital markets.

    Through its exclusive partnership with IPOPEMA Securities, Auerbach Grayson will provide its U.S. institutional investor clients with high quality research on investment opportunities in the Polish market, as well as access to the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The partnership will also allow IPOPEMA Securities to expand its institutional equity business by servicing Auerbach Grayson’s clients, which include more than 500 of the largest U.S. institutional investors.

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